Dear Jeanette 
Love your CD "He Care's" and Track 2 "Every Thought of You" is refreshing to hear. It's just the recipe of new artist and new music and listeners love it. I also believe this sound will sow seeds to new listeners in the  Kingdom and coming to the kingdom. Randy Johnson, Morning Host  WREJ, RadioRichmond, 308 W. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220 - Ph: 804-643-0990, ext 18

Dear Sister Jeanette,
I have watched your music video and thought it was fabulous.  You have at least nine or ten different locations in that video.  Many more than I have seen in most videos.  It is very professional and very well done.  I commend you highly.  I also listened to every song on the CD.  It is very easy listening.  I thought it was wonderful. So, from the heart of your pastor, I commend you.  Job well done.  This project has certainly been done with a spirit of excellence. In His service, your Bishop, Don Meares, Evangel Cathedral 

Hey Jeanette I have had a chance to listen to the cd in it's entirety and I am feeling it. In my opinion it's vintage Tramaine in a new manner, your picking up where Tramaine left off. I support your ministry and will keep you in my rotation as soon as the new station is set up. I have been praying and letting Christ guide me in all my plans. Jay Scales, 

Hello Jeanette, 
I don't know if you remember me or not but I got one of your CD's Saturday and it is very good, I don't own a lot of Gospel CD's just a few. This one takes me to a mellow place each time I listen to it, you did a great job with it and I am looking forward to hearing greater thing about you and your song ministry. May God continue to Bless you, Lee Griffin 

I love the CD, by the way!  The first two songs are some of my favorites, along with several others nearer the end.  Your voice has developed into an even more emotive, passionate, and refined instrument, and the production of the cuts is top notch.  You must be so proud of this CD!  Thanks for being such a shining star at the rink and for all your friends. Dan

Jeanette and Joe, I appreciate and value the friendship that we have developed over the years.  You all have been such a blessing to me and my family.  I really! really! enjoyed the new release of your latest CD.  This is an awesome piece of work and has uplifted my soul tremendously.  Please keep up the good work and knowing that your labor of love is not in vain.  Jeanette you have touched so many peoples lives through your music and gift of inspiration! And besides you are a wonderful and fun couple to be around.  I love you and may God continue to bless you and yours. Much love, Peace~ Lynetta Stevens

I have let all my friends listen to your CD and they love it and want a copy.  I won't allow them to burn a copy they must buy it like I did. Once again the CD is beautiful.  Keep making lovely music. Thank you your #1 FAN.  Tyrone Burke
Hi Jeanette, I am now back from China and I have had a chance to hear your CD. It's a wonderful CD. It is the kind of CD that makes me want to sit back in my chair with a glass of cool-aid while I am taking in all of God's goodness. This is a good CD. I like it. As I write this email I have sharing it with a bass player who works with me on some of my music projects. When my CD is out I'll be happy to share a copy with you. You have a beautiful voice. Keep using it for the Lord. God bless you and your family.  Rev. P.L. Redford